Tiny redhead cutie is a sexy petite tease

Tiny redhead cutie Diddylicious is a sexy petite tease.  This tantalizing young ingenue has a knowledge of what guys want beyond her years and she enjoys using that understanding to drive men to maddeningly blue-balled heights of desire.  She has all her angles down; there always seems to be a pierced nipple ready to expose itself if she were to just turn an inch or raise her arm a centimeter, and yet that nipple never appears.  Well, not for free anyways.  It takes a special skill set to always be bare-ass naked while never letting any unwanted peeks at her naughty parts.

Though I guess when you have such a tiny body that you can hide both of your petite titties with a single hand, it is pretty easy to tease in this manner.  However, what she is willing to give away is pretty damn spiffy in its own right.  Her slender legs look so sexy in those knit stockings and the outline of her small breasts around her hands offers a refreshing change of pace from the usual show-it-all nature of these things.  Add to these qualities the provocative arch in her dainty back that forces her little ass to present high in the air like some carnal invitation to the finest in earthly pleasures.  Actually, even when teasing this girl manages to deliver the goods pretty well.

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